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The Real Beach Beauties of Sarasota

Too often (in my experience) photo shoots are entirely made up--enormous crew traveling to exotic locations, highly paid models (who couldn't care less about what they're wearing), lots of props and accessories (shoes for instance)resulting in a gorgeous big budget ad campaign. I grew up in the business like this and loved every minute of it.It was super awe-inspiring to be around that kind of talent.

However now I don't have any of that--no big crew and thankfully no travel--my exotic location is literally within walking distance. A photographer who doesn't mind a sweaty, sandy day on the beach with hopes to capture that elusive moment when magic happens. Each model is a personal friend, some are yoga teachers, and we all share a wildly optimistic, "let's have fun" attitude. At the end of every shoot there is even more love to be had.

These models are even more beautiful on the inside than they appear to the eye. They glow. And they dance, pirouette, even practically fly when given free rein. Their innate style is so true, so authentic, that we as viewers, can imagine ourselves in each piece, almost able to feel what it's like to wear it... soft cotton against the skin, sunlight shining through delicate embroidered fabric, the gentle lift of a summer breeze--it all evokes a sense of calm, even if we never get to the beach.

It feels real. And it doesn't get much better than that.

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Love your summary of where you are now…and you are right, these models are beautiful and authentic. It allows me to think I can be that too! You are definitely reinventing your clothing line and I love it ! 💕


Ginny Chase Elder
Ginny Chase Elder
Aug 06, 2021

Loved this blog and following your Beach to bistro…we met years ago in Scottsdale. I was a horse gal who begged you to design equestrian clothes for casual wear ! I sent you a big book on equestrian “stuff” 👍 boy oh boy time has flown by! I stopped by one time to say hi in Sarasota but unfortunately didn’t connect. best Ginny Chase Elder

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