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Cultivating a Soulful Business

If you are trying to stay centered and true to yourself when taking steps to build your business, every choice is meaningful. As an entrepreneur you will be faced with all kinds of tiny and breathtaking decisions, often on a daily basis. How you navigate these choices determines not only the success of your project but the quality of your life. It is possible to stay grounded and healthy, even if you’re very busy and engaged in commerce.

At this point in my career, when I am at a crossroads I ask myself these 6 questions:

  1. Does it align with my vision for my brand?

  2. Does it fulfill a need for my audience/customers?

  3. Is it an opportunity for personal as well as financial growth?

  4. Will it deplete my (energy) bank account? (Always make sure you are “depositing” with life-affirming activities, while expending energy to avoid soul bankruptcy)

  5. Will it provide opportunity for my associates to engage and/or enhance their talents?

  6. Is there plenty of “wiggle room” and flexibility to listen to my intuition as I proceed?

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