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Inspired by nature. Crafted by artisans. Designed with love.

Sigrid's Beach to Bistro Story

Beach to Bistro™  is my newest obsession--the first fashion label I've ever launched 100% on my own. It's a miraculous fusion of all the different aspects of my life--my love of artisan textiles, passion for color, inspired by my seaside home-base, with a generous dose of yoga and meditation to balance everything out.
In February of 2020, I  made my first trip to India, just before Covid hit the US. It was amazing, completely mind-expanding, fascinating, heart-wrenching, uplifting, magical and serendipitous. I was in Varanasi with a group of American designers, as a guest of the Indian Design Institute. After making my audio visual presentation (on the largest stage I'd ever stood upon), I stepped down to chat with people in the audience. It was there that I met Mandira, a textile designer and artist in her own right, and we knew right away we'd be working together. Mandira owns a small factory in Delhi where she creates beautiful fabrics and small collections for a handful of American brands. She understands my love of textiles my need for spiritual balance and the deeper implications of doing business globally. We both value artisan craftsmanship and appreciate the skill and talent required to make the items I've designed.
Artisan craft is not a lost art in India. Beach to Bistro has incorporated beautiful embroidered blouses, hand-made tassels by the hundreds, and original designs, using the time honored technique of wooden block printing. Every print in our collection has been designed by me in my studio and then carved by Indian artisans to create our beautiful print textiles.
Our clothing is made in small batches, with great attention to detail…and good vibes.These are the go-to clothes I love to wear every day, living here in Florida. I enjoy being drenched in hues of colorful fabrics that are soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and evoke a sense of tranquility. Even if you're nowhere near a coastline, the spirit of the beach is in all our imaginations. It brings a smile to our faces and a boost to our hearts.
I'm committed to staying close to the brand, nurturing it with love and imagination. I care about providing you, my customer, with an uplifting experience as you discover new favorite things to wear. Thank you all for your decades of support and patience. I hope you'll enjoy the evolution of Beach to Bistro for years to come.

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